Review Policy

I would be very happy to accept books for review from publishers, indie authors and promoters! I would ask, however, that you read this review policy before contacting me so that I can be sure we are both getting something out of the deal.

I accept either paper copies or e-book versions. Please keep in mind for postage reasons that I’m in Australia. Paper copies sent to me may be given away to blog readers unless you specifically state that you’d prefer that not to happen.

I prefer books for any age group of the following genres:

  • Fantasy, including high, urban and dystopian
  • Science Fiction

I may also accept, at my discretion:

  • Paranormal
  • Historical fiction
  • Horror

There are a few genres I prefer not to read, including romance, crime and drama, although I may accept if the blurb sounds tempting. Please, no erotica or christian lit.

Review Process

I will attempt to read the book and post an honest review. If the book is yet to be released I will try to post the review around the release date, but I make no guarantee of that as it depends on my current load. I usually mention how I found the reading experience, as well as things I liked and disliked about the book. I will post reviews on this blog, on Goodreads, and other locations if requested.

Please include the following information when emailing me to request a review:

1. Book title and author

2. Is it part of a series?

3. Short synopsis

4. Release date if in the future

Thanks! I look forward to reading your work 😉


One response to “Review Policy

  1. If you’d like an eBook copy of “Helens-of-Troy” to review, send me a note at and I’ll send one along for you.


    Fifteen year old Goth-chic Ellie has a lot of explaining to do. She’s just moved to the small town of Troy, fought with her uptight mother Helen, met the boy of her dreams and found a dead body on her sexy “new-age” grandmother Helena’s porch. All on the first night!

    But Ellie’s not alone. Helen is hiding something. Helen knows all about the kind of eerie dreams her daughter is having — the dreams that show the whereabouts of the missing children of Troy — because she’s had them herself. But she’ll never admit it. Not while Ellie’s sex-crazed friend Ryan is safely behind bars for the murders. Helen knows what it’s like to be attracted to dangerous men.

    Then there’s the little matter between Helena and Gaspar BonVillaine, the teenaged vampire who is learning to feed on young prey. Now that he’s caught Ellie, he doesn’t know whether he wants to kill her or turn her to the dark side and keep her forever. Helena should have finished him off when she had the chance.

    To survive the vampire feeding frenzy surrounding them, mom Helen needs to come to terms with her own insecurities and deal with the gifts she has. Helena must learn to ground herself for the good of mankind and more importantly her own family. And Ellie has the toughest choice of all. Ellie must decide whether its time to let her own childhood go and become the woman she is destined to be, one of the ageless and timeless “Helens of Troy”.

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