Hello and welcome to The Oaken Bookcase!

My name is Angelya and I’m a bookworm. I love to lose myself in other worlds, other times and other places.

In this blog I intend to post reviews of the books that I read. I mainly read Fantasy – high, urban, a bit of paranormal and adult, young adult and children’s fantasy. Basically, if it’s got dragons, swords or magic of any type, I’m in.  I also love a bit of Science Fiction and Historical Fiction, plus general fiction if it’s humorous!

Being an Aussie, I’m very interested in reading works by Australian and Kiwi authors. I’m hoping to review some of these very soon.

I don’t intend to post every day as some book-bloggers do, or on all the different shared topics that they post about, but I’ll be joining in when I am able. Between work, family and sleep there’s not a lot of time left over these days!

A Bit About the Author

I’m 30-odd, live in Brisbane with my baby son and husband and make street maps for a living.

I also play games and write about World of Warcraft on my other blog, Revive & Rejuvenate.

I’ve been writing a few reviews lately both for Goodreads and for Hannah’s blog, Once Upon A Time. I’m enjoying it so much I thought I might make my own place for reviews and things!

You’re most welcome to join me in my reading adventures!


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3 responses to “Welcome

  1. Yey! I followed the link from your WoW blog and am so excited! I wrote a book blog for a few months before life clobbered it, but since I’m graduating college in a month, I’m hoping to start posting at least sporadically again. I don’t actually know how to make a blogroll on wordpress, but I’ll figure it out and link you 🙂


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